Your Link to the Diverse World in the Midwest

About La Voz Inc.

La Voz Hispana TV, LLC is committed to honesty, fairness, courage and respect. We value a well informed and educated community.

We strive to help our community develop a better understanding of events, issues and cultures affecting our community.

La Voz Staff Members

Patricia Solis – Technical Producer
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Alejandro Ramirez – Assistant Technical Producer
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Wendy Jayaraman – Account Executive
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Sandy Gregg – Account Executive
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Lisa Schultz – Account Executive
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Jay Jayaraman – Strategic Advisor
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Fabyola Gilbert – Your Health or “Su Salud” Anchor

Antonio Medina – Official Voice from La Voz
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Juan Bonilla – Editor & Executive Producer

Herminio Núñez – Translator

Quinn Kathner – Webmaster Surf’s Up Interactive

La Voz Quick Facts

- La Voz Hispana (Monthly) Magazine has a circulation of 12,000 per month.

- We reached South Dakota, South Minnesota and Sioux City, Iowa.

- We reached the faster growing community in the Midwest. With a purchasing power of 450 Million dollars last year.

- Our TV Show, La Voz Hispana TV, cover map is from Aberdeen to Nebraska and from Pierre to South Minnesota.

- La Voz Hispana TV is on every Saturday at noon at KDLT TV (NBC).

- La Voz TV Show reached 2,000 plus households per week.

- La Voz is the first bilingual TV Show in the Midwest!

La Voz Mission

La Voz Hispana TV, LLC was formed with the mission to inform, educate and entertain our community through the first bilingual TV show in the Midwest.

We aspire to break the barriers of knowledge and language between the Latino and the English Speaking Communities. Developing and nurturing an understanding of the cultures and way of life between our two communities.

2522 W. 41st. Street # 222 /// Sioux Falls, SD 57105 /// phone: 1.605.310.1796 /// e-mail: